“… [an] eclectic menu… reworked with imagination and dispatched with insight.”

“…you can’t scream [at a CD] for an encore and somehow that doesn’t seem fair, but arguably that does mean that the repeat button becomes your friend.”
Neil King, FATEA Magazine

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The brand new album ‘Bright Season’ is out now on Folkstock Records. It is available on their bandcamp page as a download and also physical CD. Also available on other digital outlets such as iTunes, spotify and amazon.

You can hear samples from the album here.

“For this album we wanted to show the wide variety of what we do” says guitarist and singer, Michael J Tinker. “We love singing harmonies and telling stories and I think these are reflected in songs like Africa, The Wild Colonial Boy, and Shenandoah. We also like reworking traditional songs and giving them new tunes. And we love playing tunes! We wanted to give a taste of all of these passions and loves.”

As well as these traditional songs the band also play Robb Johnson’s lesser known ballad ‘My Mother Taught Me How To Waltz’ and piper Andy May’s polska ‘Shotgun’. Perhaps a surprise on the album is the eerie 1930’s ‘Strange Fruit’ by Abel Meeropol where the trio take advantage of being in the studio to create an atmosphere fitting for the heavy lyrics.

The final track ‘The Yeoman’s Son’ also takes a different turn with Simon Dumpleton using the piano as Bright Season perform their take on the First World War poem of the same name by Cicely Fox Smith.

Perhaps the best thing about the album is that they recorded the songs as they would perform them. You get a real sense of what this band is about.



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